The brand Kripsol ® is a global reference in the swimming pool sector as well as being a leading company in water systems for domestic, agricultural and industrial use and water treatment.

Kripsol ®, a global reference in the swimming pool sector

The brand dates back to the 80’s with the partnership between the pump manufacturer Kripsol Piscinas (Toledo) and Dictepol S.L. (the Basque Country), manufacturers of domestic and commercial laminated filters. Other companies joined over time, including Fiberpool Internacional S.L. (Barcelona), until the Kripsol ® Group was formed, whose “Swimming Pools” division already offered a global range of products for this sector as a Spanish manufacturer. Besides its focus on quality, its aim was to grow and expand nationally and especially internationally.

Kripsol® became part of the Hayward ® Group

In 2016, after its acquisition by one of the sector’s multinational companies, it became part of the Hayward ® Group, further increasing its exposure. Since then, the synergies, in the group to which it belongs, have been facilitating its progress and its mission to offer a wide range of reliable, robust products that are good value for money.

With a presence in over 70 countries, the Kripsol ® brand is keeping pace of market demands. Today we can observe that Kripsol’s ® product range is more comprehensive, more modern and substantially more technological. The products on offer are divided into a tried and tested classic range of products (Classic Line), such as the pump in the Koral KSE series, and a Premium product range, designed for professionals and which includes the most advanced technologies. This includes the Pro-Line range which consists of five highly-advanced devices dedicated to residential swimming pools, such as the salt water chlorinator and KLX Control System.,

3 production centers in Spain

Currently, the Kripsol ® brand has three production centres in Spain, which provide the market with an extensive range of in-house products and a logistics centre for national and international distribution. This enables us to optimise operations and be closer to our customers in terms of logistics and aftersales service.

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