Why should you install a heat pump? 

Having a heat pump to heat your pool water means you can enjoy your pool and the moments of relaxation it gives you, for longer, and without worrying about unreliable weather.


Inverter Heat Pumps

Kripsol® heat pumps guarantee a progressive temperature increase and optimal heat conservation: energy consumption is reduced to a strict minimum.

In addition this season, Kripsol® has incorporated IN-TECH "full inverter" technology into its range of heat pumps to create the model i-Komort RC. This model combines a DC Inverter fan and a compressor. A combination that is capable of the best comfort/energy consumption ratio through heating power adjustment and precise regulation of the desired water temperature, as a function of the outside weather constraints and whether the pool is covered or not.

Heating I-Komfort RC

Heating I-Komfort RC

The technology Full Inverter

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